A Shout out to the Power of Feminine Strength

I feel it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the power of Feminine Strength that I witness regularly in my world. On a daily basis I see women, young and old, and a great deal in between, navigating through immense challenges in the name of living and I want to give them a nod and a wave, and put it out there that I acknowledge you with enormous respect.

The women investing much of their energy into overcoming (and sadly for some, succumbing to) health issues, I see you. The women who are working through the daily challenge that is mental ill-health, I see you. The women who make sacrifices so that their loved ones can have an improved quality of life, I see you. The woman who serves her country, investing her life into a system steeped in masculinity, I see you. The mother with a different view on parenting than myself yet approaching her journey from the same universal heart space, I see you. The emerging student forging her path in her chosen study with personal barriers, I see you. The woman who has lost her life mate yet still finds joy and purpose in her days, I see you. The friend who is paving a new life for herself after staying true to her values, I see you. The daughter who has lost a parent and with it a chapter of her upbringing, I see you. The matriarch who has known great hardship and loss yet still shares her home with thousands each year, I see you. The mother of a teenager, I see you.

Everyday, in almost every way I come across these women. All are incredibly close to my heart and it humbles me to see their strength displayed in silent yet powerful ways. The purity of the heart is endless. I love you. Thank you for being part of my world. I have cherished the moments we have shared together and I look forward to so, so many more.

Luna xo


One thought on “A Shout out to the Power of Feminine Strength

  1. Reblogged this on The Freedom 2 Be and commented:

    I wrote this post late last year and feel it is so relevant to recognise the women in our lives everyday. International Women’s Day 2019 seems an appropriate time to share it again, to remind ourselves that women’s rights matter and gender equality has still much progress to make..
    Luna x


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